Frighteningly badly contaminated probe

Frighteningly badly contaminated probe

This is an ultrasound probe that has been sent in for repair. During our assessment we identified;

  • Probe case seams had completed degraded allowing fluid and blood to get inside the probe
  • Acoustic lens had started to delaminate – this is a massive infection control issue as blood and other fluid can remain under the lens with the potential of harbouring nasty diseases.
  • Stiff strain relief – leaving the strain relief in this condition will cause breaks in the fine co-axial wires – leading to drop out and ultimately a shorter service life of the probe.

It was surprising & concerning to see the state of this transducer as there was the potential for serious cross-contamination and infection control issues. All of these faults can be repaired and the probe returned back into service if identified early on.

If your probe looks like this, don’t take the risk and get it sorted today!


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