About Us


ProbeLogic was founded in 2002 to meet the growing demand for better cost efficiencies, in the diagnostic imaging sectors of the Australasian healthcare environment. Approximately 25% of transducers in clinical use, have some type of undetected fault or performance inhibiting structural defect.

Approximately 2 out of 3 transducers previously thought to be ‘faulty’, can be successfully repaired and returned to service.

Previously, the only option for the operators of diagnostic ultrasound equipment was to purchase a NEW transducer from the equipment manufacturer.

The average cost of ProbeLogic transducer repairs are only a fraction of the cost of a NEW transducer.

With over 80 years total experience in the field of medical diagnostic ultrasound and biomedical engineering and ISO9001 certification, Probelogic’s professional team will ensure the delivery of cost effective solutions, to diagnostic ultrasound service providers.

Our focus is the provision of premium quality repairs and excellent customer service.

Meet the Team



Ashley is a maestro in the field of technology. After stepping out of university, he utilised his skills to provide innovative technical solutions for prominent companies such as Woodside Petroleum and Siemens, embarking on diverse projects ranging from radiation safety to comprehensive data management. Currently, he leads the Research and Development team at ProbeLogic, overseeing our international laboratories and pioneering cutting-edge approaches.

A man of many interests, Ashley balances his busy professional life with the joys of personal time. Apart from his work and dedicating quality time to his family, he can often be found exploring the wonders of the great outdoors. He is a passionate caravanning enthusiast, relishing in the thrill of journeying across scenic landscapes with his mobile home. On days of tranquility, he engages in the hobby of flying his quad-copter at the park, encapsulating his zest for technology and the outdoors.



After graduating from London Colleges’ Electronic Engineering department, Alan moved to Australia before co-founding his first biomed company, Medical Technologies, in 1989. After its acquisition, he then founded ProbeLogic in 2002 and serves as an executive director. Alan has been involved with ultrasound since the late 1970’s when we only had “A” and “M” mode scanners.
Being a keen amateur radio operator, he can be found most evenings on the 40 meter band – call sign VK6AF.


Assistant Director

Ila joined ProbeLogic in 2011 and comes from an accounting background. With her exceptional organisational skills, she ensures seamless and efficient flow of systems within the organisation.

Ila finds joy in various activities. She relishes dining out, savoring the culinary delights that the world has to offer. Exploring the latest trends and finding unique treasures through shopping is another passion she indulges in. Additionally, Ila loves to embark on adventures with her family, travelling to new destinations and immersing themselves in different experiences.


Ultrasound Probe Repair Manager

Originally from Romania, Emil’s journey in electronics and IT began with a solid educational foundation. In 2007, he took a significant step by relocating to the UK, where he significantly expanded his expertise in these fields.

Emil has worked with several reputable companies, notably managing a team in a large UK lab. This lab specialised in complex PCB level repairs of TVs, computers, consoles, and mobile phones. His role was instrumental in the growth and success of these operations.

In 2016, Emil transitioned into the medical technology sector, focusing on the repair of ultrasound probes and overseeing lab operations. This role not only refined his technical skills but also deepened his insights into healthcare technology.

Emil’s latest adventure began in December 2023 when he moved to Western Australia to join ProbeLogic. He brings with him a passion for the intricate world of electronics, the precision in repair and maintenance of advanced technologies.

Emil’s extensive experience and passion for technology make him a valuable asset to our team.


Ultrasound Probe Repair Technician

After graduating from Belgrade University – School of Radiography, Vladan embarked on his world journey through six countries and three continents working in radiology departments and medical-technical fields servicing endoscopes, borescopes and NDT equipment.

With his keen eye for detail, tidiness and passion for all things mechanical, he is looking forward to expanding his practical skills in servicing and maintaining ultrasound equipment.

Vladan cherish spending time with his family, as well as in nature, hiking, kayaking, fishing, cycling, repairing and restoring various items to their former glory, also reading, collecting stamps and keeping in touch with world affairs. 



Kerry joined ProbeLogic in 2023 but has joined us with over 16 years of working within the biomedical service industry. She has vast experience in various administrative roles, but mostly as a service coordinator and an accounts officer. Her priority is always the customer’s needs and attention to detail is paramount!

Outside of work she loves being outdoors and camping trips with her family, walking anywhere with a beautiful view, morning or afternoon tea and anything crochet related.



Annika joined the ProbeLogic team in 2024, bringing with her a wealth of experience from the medical diagnostic industry. Her career is highlighted by several years in diverse administrative roles where she has honed her skills to perfection. Annika is passionate about ensuring top-notch customer service and is dedicated to supporting efficient and accurate administrative workflows. Her expertise and commitment make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Beyond her professional achievements, Annika is a person of diverse interests and passions. She is deeply devoted to her family, with whom she loves spending her free time, exploring the joy of new experiences together. Traveling, gardening, and immersing herself in the tranquillity of long bushwalks reflect her love for adventure and her appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us.


Mechatronics Engineer

Charlie joined ProbeLogic in 2019 as a Mechatronics Engineer. His passion for anything with a motor is absolutely overwhelming.

In his spare time, Charlie enjoys building robots and 3D printing.



Danica joined the ProbeLogic team in 2018 as our bookkeeper. Danica is passionate about streamlining financial processes, and was the MYOB Young Bookkeeper of the Year in 2019.

When Danica is not working she enjoys spending time with her animals and gardening.



Pema’s proficiency extends to various areas of electronics, including analog and digital circuit design, PCB layout, microcontroller programming, and signal processing. Driven by a continuous desire to learn and adapt to emerging technologies, Pema stays updated with the latest advancements in the field of electronics engineering. He consistently strives to transform ideas into reality, making a lasting impact on the world of technology.

Outside his work, he enjoys biking and exploring new places.