About Us


ProbeLogic was founded in 2002 to meet the growing demand for better cost efficiencies, in the diagnostic imaging sectors of the Australasian healthcare environment. Approximately 25% of transducers in clinical use, have some type of undetected fault or performance inhibiting structural defect.

Approximately 2 out of 3 transducers previously thought to be ‘faulty’, can be successfully repaired and returned to service.

Previously, the only option for the operators of diagnostic ultrasound equipment was to purchase a NEW transducer from the equipment manufacturer.

The average cost of ProbeLogic transducer repairs are only a fraction of the cost of a NEW transducer.

With over 80 years total experience in the field of medical diagnostic ultrasound and biomedical engineering, Probelogic’s professional team will ensure the delivery of cost effective solutions, to diagnostic ultrasound service providers.

Our focus is the provision of premium quality repairs and excellent customer service.

Meet the Team



Ashley is a technical master. Straight out of university, he delivered technical solutions for companies like Woodside Petroleum and Siemens, working on projects from radiation safety to data management. Now, he heads the research and development team of ProbeLogic and is responsible for our international laboratories. When he is not working or spending time with his family, you can find him in the park flying his quad-copter.



After graduating from London Colleges’ Electronic Engineering department, Alan moved to Australia before co-founding his first biomed company, Medical Technologies, in 1989. After its acquisition, he then founded ProbeLogic in 2002 and serves as an executive director. Alan has been involved with ultrasound since the late 1970’s when we only had “A” and “M” mode scanners.
Being a keen amateur radio operator, he can be found most evenings on the 40 meter band – call sign VK6AF.


Assistant Director

Sue is the “heart and soul” of the company, whether it’s the purchase of a full probe lab or the simplest of probe repairs, Sue has her finger of the pulse and makes sure all goes smoothly.
Sue has been with the company since conception in 2002. Her interests are her family, photography and yoga.


Office Manager

Nikki first joined ProbeLogic in 2015 and apart from a short stint back in Scotland, she has been making sure our customers are happy and ProbeLogic runs smoothly.

Nikki’s interests include travelling and gardening.

Seohyeon (Leila)

Service Manager

Leila moved to Australia and joined ProbeLogic in 2014. Her experience in nano-technology has made her ideally suited for the advanced probe repairs. Leila’s knowledge and friendly personality has enabled her to take on the role of head lecturer for the international training program.


Admin and Logistics

Bianka joined us in January 2019 and soon became a valuable member of our team. Her friendly personality has made her the ideal “front person” for the company. Bianka’s interests include long walks with her dogs.


Electronics Technician

Ben joined ProbeLogic in 2015. His enthusiasm and interest for anything technical has made him an ideal person for our research and development section. Bens interests include building electronic projects.