International Laboratories

ProbeLogic has set up several overseas enterprises that are now running very successful probe repair businesses in their own right.

This opportunity is ideally suited to you if you are :

  • Currently in the ultrasound imaging field and want to be able to repair your own probes

  • Currently offering multivendor ultrasound support and want to expand into probe repairs

  • Not in the ultrasound field but are looking towards getting into a very profitable “niche” business

ProbeLogic provide all the equipment needed and full training. Contact us today for more information.

ProbeLogic Australia

ProbeLogic was founded in 2002, originally to provide an alternative to costly probe replacements in the Australian market.

Since our inception we have continued to grow and strive for quality. Our R&D team is essential to keep up to date with advancements in the imaging field.

Market demand has seen ProbleLogic establish overseas probe repair facilities in the USA, Europe, India and the UK.

For all enquries and repairs, please contact ProbeLogic.


ProbeLab India was set up in 2016, in Calicut India, as a 2D and 3D transducer repair faciltity.

Due to growing demand, ProbeLogic has manufactured further equipment necessary and trained repair technicians in TEE probe repairs.

Since then, Probelab India has become the supplier of choice in the Indian market place.

For all enquiries, repairs and replacements covering India, please contact ProbeLab India -
(details on our Contact Us page)


A dynamic company based in Corby in the UK.

Imagex Medical was already the supplier of choice in the Ultrasound Imaging market.

In 2016, a full probe repair facility was installed allowing Imagex Medical to provide total repair coverage for their customers.

For all enquiries, repairs and replacements covering the United Kingdom, please contact Imagex Medical -
(details on our Contact Us page)


Expansion of ProbeLogic has seen a joint venture set up with Imagex Medical, to provide full probe repair services and cost effective solutions to the European market.

For all enquiries, repairs and replacements covering Europe, please contact Imagex Medical International -
(details on our Contact Us page)


Interested in setting up your own probe repair facility? Contact ProbeLogic today for more information.