Ultrasound Probe Testing

Routine probe testing can reveal probe degradation that is not immediately apparent to the Sonographer or Service Engineer. Our experience has shown that approximately 25% of all probes on Ultrasound systems aged 2 years or over, have some form of internal structural defect.

Ultrasound Probe Repairs

Probes are no longer disposable, they are now repairable and at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Contact Us Today to have your probe looked at by our highly skilled engineers. We service all of Australia and New Zealand. If you have any issues with your ultrasound imaging equipment, please contact us and we can help you.

Probe Care

As part of our commitment to excellence and serving our client’s needs, we supply our subscribers with very useful information regarding probe care. Topics include Probe Care, Cleaning and Maintenance, which will result in greater efficiencies, less downtime and cost savings.

General Equipment Servicing and Repairs

Probelogic is equipped to help you with your servicing and repair needs. We provide a fast, efficient, turn-a-round time to minimise delays to your company and can pre-schedule servicing requirements on your machines to reduce breakdowns. All repairs carried out are to the highest quality and are covered by our three month warranty.

Research and Development

ProbeLogic is well known overseas for its R&D capabilities, having designed and manufactured specialised laboratory equipment for customers in Europe, USA and Asia.