Originally from Romania, Emil’s journey in electronics and IT began with a solid educational foundation. In 2007, he took a significant step by relocating to the UK, where he significantly expanded his expertise in these fields.

Emil has worked with several reputable companies, notably managing a team in a large UK lab. This lab specialised in complex PCB level repairs of TVs, computers, consoles, and mobile phones. His role was instrumental in the growth and success of these operations.

In 2016, Emil transitioned into the medical technology sector, focusing on the repair of ultrasound probes and overseeing lab operations. This role not only refined his technical skills but also deepened his insights into healthcare technology.

Emil’s latest adventure began in December 2023 when he moved to Western Australia to join ProbeLogic. He brings with him a passion for the intricate world of electronics, the precision in repair and maintenance of advanced technologies.

Emil’s extensive experience and passion for technology make him a valuable asset to our team.