Common Cleaning Mistakes

For the second instalment of this series, we will run through the most common mistakes we see customers make when cleaning their probes, and the damage this can result in. If you haven’t read the first part yet, you can find it here. So, what classifies as cleaning? According to the Guidelines for Reprocessing Ultrasound … Read more

Half-Price Probe Testing!

Aren’t the Christmas Holidays a magical time of the year? We’ve decided to celebrate by offering half-price testing for the whole of December! Take advantage of this quiet period by having your probes evaluated by world-class technicians. ————————————————————————————————————- To claim offer simply quote XMAS during written correspondence Offer ends December 31st 2021 Not to be … Read more

Damage to Strain relief

So, you’ve been told that your strain relief requires work. But is it really important? If you have been recommended to repair the strain relief on your probe, it is because we have noticed that it has started to degrade. This usually involves the strain relief starting to separate from the connector or probe head, … Read more

Stiff Latches

So, you’ve been told that your latch needs work, but if it’s not affecting your imaging does it really matter?   The latch on your connector is important because it is connected to the locking mechanism. If it is not functioning correctly, the connector can be loose in the machine socket which can result in … Read more

Cable Damage

So, you’ve gotten your evaluation report back only to notice that we have indicated cable damage. But does this really matter? If you have been recommended to repair the cable on your probe, it is because we are concerned about its functionality. A damaged cable is one of the most common issues we see here … Read more

Pin Damage in Connector

So, you’ve been told that your need to repair the pins on your connector. But what does this mean? And does it really matter?   The pins on your connector enable your transducer to communicate with the machine it is connected to by transmitting signals. If your evaluation report has come back indicating pin damage, … Read more